September 11, 2001

In memory of the 2,974 people who lost their lives on this day six years ago.

We are a nation of SURVIVORS! Does it sound too much like a Miss America contestant to say I pray for world peace? Well, I do. The peace has to go beyond the borders of our nation and so does the prayers.
After we pray for the surviving family and friends of the Sept. 11th victims, take a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, how your life would not be the same without them. This day should serve as a reminder that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.


2 thoughts on “September 11, 2001”

  1. Much luv to you Choc. Keep this going.

    I am a jokester. I joke about everything – old people, death, kittens. I do it because I like to laugh and I like to make others laugh. It makes you feel better. Even if it’s just for one second, you laugh for that one second. And for that one second you feel better.

    But in all my joking and in all my preference to perpetuating positivity, I could not find anything to make light of the events of 9/11. Nothing funny there at all.

    I watched TMZ on TV last night and they asked a bunch of “socialites” what year the 9/11 attacks took place. The responses were unbelievable. It was meant to be funny, but it pissed me off. These snotty, self centered, self absorbed, self righteous little simpletons can think of nothing or no one else other than themselves. “The what?” “September what?” “It was on September 11th!” They were old enough to know. Just not concerned enough to remember. How sad.

    I watched footage from the reports that aired on 9/11/01 and felt that feeling all over again. Not sure what feeling it was – fear? Disbelief? Outrage? Maybe a little of all these and more. But nothing good. Not even contentment in seeing everyone coming together to help. It was just too sad.

  2. Jexy!! Thanks so much for your support!

    There is a time and place for everything. Yesterday wasn’t the time for joking or being blase’ on the signficance of 9/11.

    I couldn’t watch any of the memorial coverage on TV. I did make the mistake of watching Oprah where she had the surviving children of some of the victims. Yep, ended my afternoon in tears.

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